Parenting and Gratitude - Exciting New Book!

There is a new fantastic book out there to help parents navigate the challenging task of raising grateful children in our materialistic, fast paced world!  Gratitude & Kindness, A Modern Parents Guide to Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement is a practical, relevant, and easy to follow resource for parents.  Written by two experienced psychologists, Dr. Fry and Dr. Ferrari, Gratitude & Kindness comes with great suggestions for fostering a culture of gratitude in your children and family as a whole. 

In my counselling work with families, the issue of entitlement consistently comes up among a parent's chief concerns.  It is often cited as the instigating factor in family conflict and reported as the reason for seeking the support of a therapist.  Dr. Fry and Dr. Ferrari provide an amazing tool kit for parents to combat the development of entitlement and help parents connect their children to gratitude.

Positive psychology research supports that the practice of gratitude can have vast positive impacts on the lives of children.  Fostering this strength in children can help them manage their emotional experiences, develop their self-esteem, strengthen peer and family relationships, develop work ethic, and excel in the world we live in.

Do the children in your life a favour - read this book!